[English Subs] Pokémon X And Y Anime – Episode 8 -The Pokémon Groomer and Furfrou! *Part 2*

[English Subs] Pokémon X And Y Anime – Episode 8 -The Pokémon Groomer and Furfrou! *Part 2* Please Like Comment And Subscribe For Many More Episodes! Ashs m…


  1. Team Sky TV says:

    Bonnie reminds me of Brock…

  2. victoria picard says:

    wait isn’t that trimmian a dude……. 

  3. BItchIEatCandy says:

    trimmian has the word trim in it xDand you can trim it 

  4. BooBop1987 says:

    I am very glad that the people who did made Pokemon Y and X. They have
    finally mix up Ash to make him looking matured. What do you think?

  5. BooBop1987 says:

    The Worst part about Team Rocket is that they are very childish and

  6. BlitzN9ne says:

    Holy spit, Fennekin is all kinds of adorable

  7. The808gamerk says:

    bunnleby is beast….wait until it turns into that Diggersby tho.

  8. steven mijares says:

    thank god team rocket got stronger thank you game freak finally

  9. BestBudGamers says:

    Finally team rocket doesn’t get wrecked by one thunderbolt.

  10. Donald Carlin says:

    they have trouble with a inkay wait till it evolves jeez

  11. burgerbuddy y says:

    Thx for the great episode 

  12. Yubraj Thapa says:

    finally team rocket got stronger…

  13. Angel Gutierrez says:


  14. Angel Gutierrez says:

    Live this series of pokemon good job 

  15. DanielReshiram1 says:

    Fifth comment YEAH!!!

  16. Thunder Whack says:


  17. iGamerReleased says:

    I think Ash’s battle with Team Rocket in this episode is was so epic!

  18. pollo salazar says:

    So excited for next episode 

  19. Nikolaj Madsen says:

    First ! HA

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